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Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems.

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Thoroughvent Ltd,

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation Types

Kitchen Extract and Fresh Air Systems

We are able to design, supply and install kitchen extract and fresh air ventilation systems for commercial kitchens. It is a requirement under BESA DW172 that kitchen extract ventilation systems are properly designed to provide adequate extraction, and where required fresh make up air.

Extract canopies should be installed at a specific height. They should be installed with sufficient overhang over the cooking appliances. This ensures capture of the cooking fumes and grease laden air. When gas cooking appliances are used it is essential that mechanical fresh air make up is provided as a percentage of the extracted air. It is also necessary for the ventilation system to incorporate a gas interlocking system to ensure that the extract and fresh air fans operate simultaneously and shut off the gas supply in the event of an emergency (via knock off button), failure of either fan, or by the user not enabling all fans.

All of our kitchen extract systems and extract canopies shall be designed to suit your specific kitchen. Our canopies are supplied as food safe T304 stainless steel and the fresh air and extract ductwork routes shall be routed to be sympathetic to your building and budget.

If necessary the kitchen extract and gas interlocking systems can be supplied with features such as fan speed control, BMS control and fire alarm interlocking etc.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

It is necessary that ventilation systems are supplied and installed in keeping with the “ErP Eco-design Directive Lot 6” in order to ensure that they are energy efficient and do not waste valuable energy.

We are able to design, supply and install ventilation systems to incorporate Heat recovery technology. Air / Air plate heat exchangers allow the reduction of wasted valuable energy by reclaiming a high percentage of what would otherwise be waste energy as stale air is extracted and fresh air is introduced. The ErP eco-design directive 2018 requires that heat recovery units are a minimum of 73% efficient and we design our systems to ensure that this criteria is met.

The use of heat recovery units allows the extracted heat / cool energy to be transferred to the incoming air, helping to maintain either the heating or cooling environment during the ventilation process.

HVAC Systems

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC systems) are systems that are capable of providing the key elements described within the system name.

There are many types of HVAC system, but they all overcome a varying array of criteria to ensure a comfortable room condition is met by providing adequate ventilation with integrated comfort cooling and heating.

A good example of the requirement of a HVAC system would be to commercial offices, hospital wards and shopping centres where a good ventilation rate or air change rate is required whilst ensuring that the environment is warmed or cooled to ensure it is comfortable. HVAC systems will often incorporate heat recovery ventilation technology.

Close Control Systems

Close control system are similar to HVAC systems, however their purpose is to maintain an environment with a change of condition / state. Close controls systems will incorporate all elements of a Heat Recovery and HVAC system, as well as additional systems to regulate humidity, by use of humidifiers and or dehumidifiers.

The air conditioning systems incorporated into a close control system will achieve high sensible cooling and narrow band room temperature variation. In addition close control systems will more often than not use advance means of air filtration such as the inclusion of HEPA filters to ensure that the environment it not only maintained as a solid state, but clean.

A good example of the requirements of a close control system would be to serve swimming pools, hospital operating theatres, and process clean rooms.

Other Ventilation Systems

We are also able to offer many other forms of ventilation system, such as:

heat recovery ventilation
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