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Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems.

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Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Types

Split System

Split system air conditioning systems comprise 2 major parts, an indoor evaporator unit and an external condensing unit. These air conditioning systems are designed to provide energy efficient comfort cooling or heating to a single space where the indoor unit is not required to condition over dispersed areas. Twin split air conditioning systems are also available where two indoor air conditioning units can be installed to a single condensing unit. Twin split indoor units operate in tandem with one another with a single controller to provide air conditioning heating or cooling to a single room where the space is either larger or an unusual shape. The use of the additional air conditioning unit ensures that the whole space is evenly conditioned.

Multisplit System

Multi-split air conditioning systems are systems that comprise multiple indoor air conditioning units connected to a single outdoor air condensing unit. A pair of of refrigeration pipes is connected between the outdoor condensing unit and each indoor air conditioning unit. The indoor units can be operated independently of one another to allow the heating or cooling of multiple rooms or for larger / unusual shape rooms where standard split and twin split systems are not suitable. Multi-split systems are usually limited in refrigeration pipe work length and indoor and outdoor unit capacity size. This makes them ideal for serving smaller offices and houses where multiple areas require simultaneous heating or cooling.

2 Pipe VRF / VRV

Variable Refrigerant Flow or Volume VRF / VRV air conditioning systems are designed for applications where cooling / heating is required in numerous different areas, and where multiple indoor air conditioning units can be coupled to a single outdoor condensing unit. As well as it being possible to install multiple indoor air conditioning units, these systems are also capable of having numerous outdoor condensing units coupled together. This allows fully expandable and adaptable air conditioning systems to be created.

A single pair of refrigerant pipes is connected to the outdoor condensing unit and routed into the building. The refrigerant pipe work is then branched off at each indoor air conditioning unit, and the main run of refrigerant pipe work continues to the next air conditioning unit.

3 Pipe VRF / VRV

3 pipe VRF / VRV air conditioning systems are similar to 2 pipe air conditioning systems, however as the name suggests they utilise an additional third refrigeration pipe.

The incorporation of the third refrigeration pipe 3 pipe and a special control / distribution box enables the air conditioning system to operate with heat recovery technology.

As such this type of VRF / VRV air conditioning system is capable of

providing air conditioning where heating and cooling is required in

individual areas at the same time and independently of one another.

Both 2 pipe and 3 pipe VRF air conditioning systems are capable of

having localised control with room controllers, and/or master

control stations, and remote control with BMS systems and much more.

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Thoroughvent Ltd

6-7 EDEAL Business Centre,

Dittons Business Park,

Dittons Road,


East Sussex,

BN26 6HY.

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HVAC and Close Control systems

HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems), and Close Control systems are advanced forms of air conditioning systems that incorporate ventilation and heat recovery ventilation systems.
Please see the following page for further information on
HVAC and Close Control systems.