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Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump

Air source heat pumps (air to water heat pumps) are a highly energy efficient means of heating water. These systems use latent heat in the ambient air to generate heat energy that is transferred by heat exchangers to provide space heating and hot water heating.

There are various types of air source heat pump available. Including monoblock, split system, and hydraulic module air source heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps are capable of operating as standalone systems capable of satisfying all hot water demands. Air source heat pumps typically operate at around 55-60degC as low temperature hot water systems. Although many air source heat pumps can be configured into cascade arrangements, and/or to interlink with solar panels and gas boilers.

Since air source heat pumps generally operate as low temperature hot water systems, they are ideally suited to low temperature applications such as under floor heating applications where lower temperature flow and return water temperatures are required. They are equally capable of providing radiator heating, domestic hot water.

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Air Source Heat Pump

Monoblock Air source Heat Pump

Monoblock  units are supplied as a packaged externally mounted integral unit. All of the heat pump technology is contained within the packaged unit. The unit incorporates flow and return pipe work connections that allow hot water produced by the unit to be piped into the building and utilised.

These units allow great flexibility and are a particularly good choice if you are considering incorporating solar produced hot water to your system.

By installing a hydraulic separator to the pipe work, the system can be configured to cater for under floor heating. With the inclusion of a stainless steel cylinder the system can provide stored hot water as well as benefit from solar heating of the hot water system.

The system can be installed connected to a conventional gas boiler or electrical heater enabling you to benefit from high efficiency green energy whilst using the boiler or electric heater for top up water heating if required.

Split System Air source Heat Pump

Split system air source heat pumps are supplied exactly as the name suggests. They incorporate an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The two units are connected with interconnecting refrigeration pipe work and communication cabling.

The outdoor unit is much like a typical split system air conditioning outdoor unit, however it houses the compressor and evaporator coil as opposed to a compressor and condensing coil.

The indoor unit is much like a conventional wall hung boiler, both in size and arrangement. It has flow and return water pipe connections that allow utilisation of the hot water that is produced. There are options where the indoor unit can be supplied as a larger floor standing unit similar in size to a typical fridge freezer. These larger units incorporate an in built hot water cylinder.

Split System ASHP with cylinder Mono Block ASHP External Unit Split system ASHP Split system ASHP Outdoor

Split system ASHP with inbuilt hot water cylinder

Split system ASHP indoor unit (no cylinder)

Split system ASHP outdoor unit

Hydraulic Module Air source Heat Pump

Hydraulic module air source heat pumps are supplied similar to a split system air source heat pump, in so far as they incorporate an outdoor unit and separate indoor unit module. As per the split system air source heat pump the indoor unit module provides hot water utilisation and can be upgraded to incorporate a hot water cylinder.

However, hydraulic module systems utilise two refrigerant circuits. The primary refrigeration circuit is between the outdoor unit and indoor unit module, connected by interconnecting refrigeration pipe work and communication cabling. There is then a second refrigeration circuit that is integral to the indoor unit module.

Air source heat pumps that only utilise a single refrigeration circuit (typically monoblock and split system heat pumps) are only capable of producing hot water up to around 55-60degC. A hydraulic module air source heat pump that utilises two separate refrigerant circuits, with each circuit using a different type of refrigerant gas is capable of supplying hot water up to 80degC.

This is especially useful for applications where for example lower temperature hot water supply to heating circuits is required the majority of the time, but a far hotter hot water temperature is also required either intermittently or continuously.

Whilst hotter stored water temperatures can be achieved with monoblock and split system air source heat pumps this is only possible by the use of electric top up water heaters. A hydraulic module air source heat pump can allow increased efficiency over an electric heater top up system.

From -25degC to +25degC and still provide heating.

- Low temperature radiators,  under floor heating & fan coil units

- Hot water and pool heating

- Ideal for new builds or for replacing wall mounted boilers.

Single fan Monoblock ASHP External unit

Twin fan Monoblock Larger capacity

ASHP External unit